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Lebanon Oregon District Office

Superintendent's Office

Dr. Rob HessSuperintendent 
Dr. Rob Hess
Phone: 541.451.8458
Webpage: The 2020 Vision

Executive Secretary
Nicole Hundley
Phone: 541.451.8458


Our School District Chooses to Care...

Caring is powerful. Caring comes from passion, and it always leads to action. You can tell when someone cares. Everything matters a little bit more. There are a lot of ways we demonstrate that we care about our students, parents, co-workers, and community. It can be something as simple as saying hello, writing a note, or  taking time to listen. When we ask a student how their day is going, make that extra phone call or volunteer we show that we care. Caring involves going the extra mile or giving someone something they need. Caring is striving for 100% instead of settling for 90%.

Like most things worth doing, caring is a choice. It is not always easy being the one who cares, but your ability to care paves the way for those around you to care as well. Caring is contagious. Do something today to show someone you care. You will be glad you did. 

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