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Homeless Education Program

Welcome to the Homeless Education Program!

The right to public school enrollment by homeless children and youth is ensured under NCLB Title X and ORS 399.115(7), which requires school districts to ensure that young people in homeless situations have equal access to the same free, appropriate public education.


Roseanne Hartness
Student Achievement Team
Phone: 541.259.8907
Phone: 541.405.5000

who is eligible

There are approximately 150 students in the Lebanon Community School District who are homeless and receive services to help them stay in school and succeed. A student and/or their family are considered homeless if they are living:

  • With relatives or friends (including non-custodial grandparents);
  • In a motel/hotel, RV/trailer park or campground;
  • In an emergency or transitional shelter;
  • Abandoned in a hospital;
  • Awaiting foster care placement; and/or
  • In cars, parks, public spaces, abandoned buildings, bus or train stations.
what the program provides

The Homeless Program works with students and/or their families to eliminate the barriers related to school attendance and academic success. The program can provide:

    • School fees;
    • Assistance in school enrollment;
    • Free lunch programs;
    • School supplies;
    • School clothes;
    • Information and/or help with transportation;
    • Tutoring; and/or
    • Referrals to numerous community resources.

Call 541.259.8907 for a referral form or print the referral form provided below. Please do not hestitate to call if you need assistance or have questions.

*** All information provided by you, is kept confidential.