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School pictures will be available for pick up at parent/teacher conferences!



Click the link below for information regarding FREE parenting classes offered at Cascades this fall!   Consider taking advantage of this great opportunity!















Meet  our new 3rd grade teacher -

Mrs Stefanie Trask




We have kicked off our Yankee Candle fundraiser!  There are candles and other holiday items available for sale. There are may great ideas for holiday gift giving.  Orders will be taken thru October 28th! 40% of the proceeds go to the playground improvement project!  Orders can be made on line or thru the office!  Share this opportunity on social media!  Friends/family from all over can order and it goes directly to their home! 

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Tuesday Folder News


Conjunctivitis or commonly known as “pink eye” It is a contagious infection commonly seen in school age children. It can be caused by bacteria, viruses or allergies and spread to others by contact with the secretions/discharge from the eye.  

Conjunctivitis is diagnosed and treated by a physician, students can return to school after 24hr of being on antibiotics and when there is no discharge from the eyes. 

We can do our best to limit the spread by encouraging students to wash their hands after touching their eyes or noses. Use disposal tissues or paper towels. Washing your hands after touching your child’s eye or applying medication.



Immunization &
Exemption Rates

Senate Bill 895 and Oregon Administrative Rules
333-050-0010 through 0140 requires schools and childrens facilities to share immunization and exemption rates in three ways:

1. On the School website

2. In the Main office

3. By sending a paper or     electronic copy to parents     twice a year.

View current immunization
and Exeption Rates.