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Check Grades: Parent Internet Viewer (PIV)

Parent Internet viewer

PinnacleThe Pinnacle Parent Internet Viewer is now available to parents and students at Green Acres School. This internet portal allows parents and students to view their grades and attendance from home. To get your parent or student account please see Registrar at the Green Acres Main Office.

Keep in mind that, although our goal is to be accurate at all times, this resource represents a new form of communication and, as such, the possibility for errors does exist. Grades and attendance data shown represent a “snapshot in time” and are subject to change on an hourly basis.

The PIV service is not meant to replace direct communication between students/parents/teachers or other school staff members. If you have any questions about any of the information, please discuss them with your child first. Then check the teacher’s grading policy before having your child discuss it with his/her teacher(s). If you need further clarification, please contact the appropriate teacher.


  • If you notice a grade inaccuracy, remember that teachers are constantly upgrading their grade books, so this may be corrected almost immediately. No grade is final until the report card is printed. 
  • Grading Codes:  The following codes may be entered in the students gradebook:
    • or Z = the assignment is missing. This counts as a zero until the student turns in the missing work.
    • R = the assignment has been turned in, but has not been graded. It will be changed once the teacher has graded the assignment and entered it into the Pinnacle database.  It is not counted in the total grade average.
    • = the student is excused from this assignment. It is not counted in the total grade average.