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Complaint Process

The District seeks prompt and equitable resolution of all complaints. To ensure this, our School Board and staff advise the public to follow the proper channeling of complaints around instruction, discipline, or learning material:

  1. Seek to resolve the concern with the staff member directly involved in the situation.
  2. If the complaint is not resolved at Step 1, the complainant may appeal to the principal or supervisor of the staff person involved in the situation.
  3. If the complaint is not resolved at Step 2, the complainant may appeal to the superintendent or designee. In general, the superintendent's decision is final. 
  4. If the complainant is not satisfied with the decision of the superintendent or designee, the complainant may file an appeal to the Board, which will consider appeals pursuant to the process described in policy KL-AR. 

For more information regarding complaints, you may view the policy here.

If you are unsure to whom to submit a complaint or would like your complaint routed to the correct person on your behalf, please submit a message below or call 541-451-8511. Someone will assist you quickly and confidentially.


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