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Student School Board Members

Lebanon Community School District's top focus is students; as such, the District and its School Board believe that students should have a voice in their education and seats at the table. 

The LCSD School Board will annually select two (2) Student School Board Members to represent student voice at regular and committee meetings. These members will hold non-voting, advisory positions but will contribute to discussion by providing perspective, advocating for the positions and needs of their peers, and serving as liaisons between students and the Board.

This opportunity for Student School Board Members means they will participate in policy development that directly and indirectly impacts local students for years to come. They will be expected to engage fellow students of all demographics for feedback to ensure their voice represents the diverse voices in our schools.

Who Can Apply?

Student School Board Members should represent a variety of interests and backgrounds and possess an awareness of the various challenges that their fellow students face in education and in the community. They must be:

  • A Lebanon High School student entering their junior or senior year (grade 11 or 12) at the time of selection; 
  • On track to graduate; 
  • Enrolled in LCSD through the school year of their term; and
  • Enrolled in courses that ensure standard progress toward graduation, maintaining the number of credits necessary for advancing to the next grade level.