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Weather Delays & Closures

Icy tree branch
In the event of disruptions to regular school operations due to weather, the District will notify the school community through immediate ParentSquare alerts. Follow-up messaging will go to FlashAlert (who notifies local media and the public, who can subscribe for free) and onto our district's homepage. We do not use social media for this purpose.
Unless conditions change unexpectedly in the middle of a school day, we will send out alerts regarding delays or closures by 6:00 am. If no alert goes out by that time, please assume schools are operating normally.

The safety of students is the primary consideration for any decision regarding snow routes, delayed starts, school cancellations, or district closure. The Superintendent consults with district facilities, transportation staff, and regional agencies to make informed decisions regarding risk factors. Safety considerations may include: 
  • student drivers
  • student access to bus stops and buses' ability to travel to rural locations
  • students walking to/from school
  • the suitability of facilities for occupation
  • the condition of local infrastructure
  • conditions in rural and high-elevation areas within our district
Please note that what you see out your window may not seem to warrant a delay or closure, but the elements in your location may differ from another part of the area we serve. We do our best to make decisions that err on the side of caution, and we appreciate your understanding. We encourage families to make transportation and attendance decisions for their child(ren) based on their own assessment of travel conditions at their location.
Should the superintendent decide to cancel school, possible make up days may be used to make up for lost instructional time.

Snow Routes

The district will determine if school bus snow routes will be needed for weather conditions, which could include ice, wind, flooding, or other conditions in addition to snow. If your student rides a bus, please download the Stopfinder app so you receive these and other bus-related alerts. For assistance, please call Transportation at 541-451-8485.