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School Safety

In Lebanon Community Schools (LCSD), we take safety seriously. Only when children are safe–and feel safe–can they focus on learning and growing. That is why we practice safety drills in our schools: when things are calm, we give students the knowledge and language to respond to unexpected situations.

While the majority of safety issues that arise in schools are handled quickly by trained staff, any unexpected interruption has the potential to leave students feeling upset or anxious–feelings that they take home. That is one of many reasons we believe in informing parents and caregivers about our approaches to safety; we are partners, and a shared understanding helps all of us.

LCSD, along with about 30,000 school districts nationally, follows the Standard Response Protocol (SRP). This protocol gives us–and our local law enforcement, staff, students, and parents–a common language and set of practices in the event of any incident on a school campus. You may learn more about that, and other ways we address safety, below.